My name is Cheryl and I am a travel junkie. I would rather travel than do anything else and I get a little sad if I don’t have a trip to look forward to in the next 6-12 months.  I’ve been traveling nearly my whole life.  Sure those first 6 months I just lazed around napping, eating, and crying but then I got my act together.

I collect states and countries the way others collect postage stamps. I have seen most of this great big country and can’t wait to see the rest. I’ve traveled by car, plane, boat, and train. I’ve traveled with family, high school friends, college friends, adult friends, and yet more family.  I’ve traveled alone and with my husband. I’ve taught my daughter to love adventuring even when we are wandering around town just checking out “where that road goes”.

I believe that travel is important for everyone and that it helps you become a better person.  It has helped me stop taking myself SO seriously and it has given me the best stories and memories.  Sure there have been hiccups, flight delays, car troubles, and extended interactions with customs agents at borders but I’ve learned to roll with it.   It is my goal to inspire you to get out and travel and to equip you with tips, tricks and stories that will help you on your journey.  I hope you laugh, I hope you learn, and I hope you join me on my trips to come. Welcome!

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